Nicola and Jonathan – Hilton Dunkeld House Hotel

I was fortunate to return to the Hilton Dunkeld House Hotel for the wonderful wedding of Nicola and Jonathan – two genuine soul mates, lovebirds, and best friends. It was a fantastic day amidst the splendour of one of Scotland’s finest and most elegant venues. Set in the glorious Perthshire countryside on the banks of the River Tay, few places in Scotland can match the hotel’s magnificence especially when the weather gods play ball and the day is bathed in glorious autumn sunshine. It was spectacular.

We had just kissed goodbye to the hype of Scotland’s referendum when a truly international cast gathered to celebrate Nicky and Jon’s marriage – and what an advert it was for all things Scottish. Aussie guests in kilts, the sound of the bagpipes swirling in the pure Perthshire air, the River Tay calmly meandering through the hotel gardens, and everyone enjoying the finest of Scots hospitality with just a dram or two to calm the nerves before the speeches. It hardly felt like work!

Jon and Nicky both work for the same company in the thrust of the New York financial sector. Jon hails from the Sunshine Coast in Australia and Nicky is a local Perthshire lass but they met and found romance in the “Big Apple”, many thousands of miles from their childhood homes. They share a love of travelling and brought with them friends and relatives from far flung places across the world to help celebrate their marriage. And it is to those far flung places that they return as they embark on another journey towards a new life back in Australia. They will be sadly missed by Nicky’s family here in Scotland but no doubt warmly welcomed by Jon’s family over in Oz. I liked hearing that Nicky will continue to work for her New York employer from her home in Australia – technology has helped make the world a smaller place and I’m sure Pauline and the girls will take advantage of Facetime and Skype to make sure everyone keeps in touch.

Good luck Nicky and Jon and may your life continue to be blessed with the kind of happiness you brought to your wedding. Enjoy your travels and your new life and thank you for giving me the opportunity to play a small part at your wedding. Well done to everyone involved for making it such a memorable day but special thanks go to Liz and Steve, Adam, Alex, Peter and Alison, Ross, Charlie and Tommy for your help, patience and understanding. Extra special thanks to the glamorous and beautiful Amy, Claire, Beth, Iona and Pauline – you were fantastic! Here are a few reminders of a perfect day….

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