Lynn and David – The Cruin Loch Lomond

Lynn and David – The Cruin Loch Lomond

It was a welcome return to Loch Lomond for the spectacular wedding of Lynn and David at The Cruin. Nestling amongst a forest of gorgeous pines and old oak trees, The Cruin sits just a few hundred yards past the Cameron House and the Duck Bay Marina on one of the finest wedding stretches anywhere. Well known as a restaurant with an outlook to die for,  The Cruin is transformed at this time of year into an exclusive wedding venue and you will look long and hard to find a friendlier or more beautiful place to get married. The gardens lead down to a private floating jetty and a photographer’s delight. When the sun shines like it did for Lynn and David you get the added bonus of celebrating your marriage on the patio overlooking one of Scotland’s greatest landscapes. It was stunning! By the time darkness fell the Cruin became a fairytale venue with all of the trees bedecked in fairy lights and the glamour had moved indoors for the party – just as the heavens opened. Ach well we were in Scotland after all!

Lynn and David met in a well known but slightly less glamorous Hamilton nightclub and was I glad to see how their tastes had developed and matured over the years! From the Jimmy Choo shoes to the beautiful old Beaufort from Gold Choice Cars, everything was just perfect. It was a fantastic day amidst the splendour of Scotland’s national park. Did I mention the views?  Wow, what a wedding! It was as romantic as they come but then David has a wonderful soft romantic side, as his new father in law explained later. Lynn has been a huge Harry Potter fan for years and for the ultimate marriage proposal David embedded the engagement ring deep into a copy of the Half Blood Prince book – alongside the Unbreakable Vow! What a charmer!

Good luck Lynn and David and may your life continue to be blessed with the kind of happiness we all shared at your wedding. It was an emotional day for everyone involved and I hope you will remember it as the best day of your lives. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to play a small part at your wedding. Well done to everyone involved for making it such a memorable day but special thanks go to Dougie and Wilma, Glynis, David, Anne, Craig, Graham, Stephen and little Craig for your help, patience and understanding. Extra special thanks to the glamorous and beautiful Gemma, Natalie, Georgie and Poppy – you were fantastic! David and Lynn I hope you have a fabulous honeymoon and here are a few reminders of a perfect day on the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond….

Lynn and David

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Andy and Angela – The Strathaven Hotel

Andy and Angela – The Strathaven Hotel

Saturday the 11th April and all of Scotland and the waiting world were desperate to see the images from Andy’s wedding. Well here they are folks, the official photographs. You see the very handsome Andy married the very beautiful Angela at one of my favourite venues, the Strathaven Hotel. It was purely a coincidence that somewhere else in Scotland, at exactly the same time, an almost as handsome couple called Andy and Kim were also tying the knot. What fun I had with that on Facebook on Saturday morning! I wonder if the other wedding was as spectacular, as laid back or as warm/cold/freezing/wet/dry  as this one! It was a wonderful day with lots of little original touches but we had at least four seasons of weather in one day! The sun didn’t know where to go as it battled against hailstones, winds and rain. I was delighted, for the most part, that the sun won that battle hands down!

The Strathaven Hotel is a special venue for me. I got married here myself and I always seem to have a wonderful time at this hotel – must be the warmth and professionalism of Sheila and Malcolm who run the hotel so superbly! It was looking especially elegant as Angela decorated the place with the most stunning floral display and a range of personal little decorative touches. She also designed my favourite wedding cake ever! A truly beautiful and original design and how that cake lasted so long without someone being tempted to dive in is a mystery. I certainly was tempted!

Angela and Andy had a wonderful wedding and friends travelled from afar to celebrate with them. Guests from the north and east coasts of Scotland had a brilliant time but commented on how cold it was in Strathaven! It really must have been freezing for the highlanders to mention it! The weather danced a merry dance as hailstones the size of golf balls rained down at one point and brilliant sunshine splashed across the gardens the next. Of course it was all glorious sunshine with Angela and Andy. Angela works at a Veterinary Practice and her Dad, William,  told a few stories about her love of animals. He also told and acted out a wonderful story of the night Angela was born – it was a brilliant speech, very poignant at times but he had all of the guests in fits of laughter. Take a bow William – it was very special.

Andy is an engineer with a great love of cars and a great love for his two best men, Neil and Craig. Neil told an unforgettable story about Andy “borrowing” his dad’s new BMW. Dad Jim held his head in his hands as he learned how his prized possession covered so many unexpected miles from new! Apparently this was a drop in the ocean compared to the tales Craig could have told!

The whole day was such a fun occasion filled with laughter and glorious colours. Angela comes from an amazing family of six beautiful girls. Her four eldest sisters were bridesmaids and they were all stunning in their matching outfits. They were joined by younger sister Lucy and 21 month old Emma Rose as flower girls and they were both gorgeous!

I hope Angela and Andy  are off on the perfect honeymoon. You had the perfect wedding!  You both have great friends and family and my thanks go out to each and every one of them for their patience and co-operation. Special thanks go to Jacqueline, Dawn, Lindsay, Olivia, Lucy, Emma, William, Lesley, Neil, Craig, Peter, Jim, and Rose – you all contributed so much to making sure this was a perfect day for Andy and Angela. Thanks again to Angela and Andy and Emma.  I heard and witnessed so much from your friends and family that I know you have wonderful days ahead of you. Enjoy every day and I trust your marriage will be blessed with everything good in life. I have no idea how the other Andy’s photos ended up but here are a few reminders of a truly perfect day at the Strathaven Hotel ……
Andy And Angela

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Amanda and Alan – Sherbrooke Castle Hotel

Amanda and Alan – Sherbrooke Castle Hotel

When I was last at the majestic Sherbrooke Castle Hotel on Glasgow’s south side, I commented on the autumn colours, the clocks going back, and how the Sherbrooke was the perfect place for a warm and comforting autumnal celebration. I returned this week, funnily enough just one week after the clocks went forward, with the sun splitting the sky and the temperatures soaring, and guess what – it turns out the Sherbrooke is the perfect place for a warm (very warm!), and comfortable, spring celebration! It was one of the most pleasant Easter Sundays I can remember and Alan and Amanda were married in a beautiful and relaxing ceremony at the hotel. Rumour has it that a couple of less relaxing moments were caused by a pair of missing socks for the best man and a slight hitch with the dress immediately before the service, but you would never have known! Alan and Amanda are the most laid back couple I’ve met. The beaming smiles all day long were 100% genuine – they were a perfect bride and groom and they looked absolutely stunning. They have been together for 8 years and have a beautiful little daughter called Mia – they make a perfect family. They met on a blind date and have been blissfully happy ever since.
They were helped by a bunch of good-looking attendants – one of which was the aforementioned best man, Brian. He is my nephew and his good looks and charm come very much from his Wilson genes! His talent for comedy may sometimes come from a distant planet but you will always laugh in Brian’s company – always!! Alan cringed as Brian reminded us of the last time Alan and Brian were so smartly dressed and then described the guy who had forsaken his “plus one” invitation for the hope of grabbing an old auntie on the dance floor! He had the room roaring with laughter!

The girls were calmer but even prettier! Take a bow Lauren, Danni, Samantha and little Lilly and Mia. All five of them combined to form a very beautiful and easy going wedding party and it was a pleasure to be part of the day.

Once again the Sherbrooke Castle staff had everything timed to perfection – they always seem to host the most relaxed weddings ever. We even had time to watch a set of Andy Murray’s Miami final in the restaurant as we tucked into the most fantastic meal ever. Thanks to William and his team for looking after everyone but special thanks must go to Alan and Amanda for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day. It was a lovely day all round and I wish you both all the happiness in the world as you start on your new journey together. It was great to meet both families and all of your friends but special thanks must go to Lauren, Suzanne, Dani, Lilly Mia, Brian, Ian, Stuart, Zac, Ian, Isobel, Jane and John. You were all brilliant and I’d like to thank you all for your help and patience. Here are a few reminders of a really fantastic day……

Amanda and Alan


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Jenny and Phil – The Carnbooth House Hotel

The long holiday Easter weekend used to be peppered with a couple of games of golf or a trip to the seaside and dinner at our favourite seaside eatery – The Ship Inn in Irvine. It’s traditionally a time for rest and relaxation. Not this year! A hectic but fun-filled weekend started with the glorious wedding of Jenny and Phil at the Carnbooth House Hotel in Carmunock. The Carnbooth is a warm, welcoming and sumptuous boutique hotel south of Glasgow. It has a fascinating past with a rather extraordinary claim to fame. Legend has it that Rudolph Hess famously landed his plane in a nearby field during the war and was held here for a couple of days afterwards. The same legend suggests Winston Churchill was then seen puffing on a trademark cigar in the driveway on his way to question Hess. Of course there are other local legends which claim Hess landed a few miles away in the nearby town of Eaglesham but it was nonetheless fascinating to think that the great rooms of the Carnbooth may have played host to such a momentous historical event! The grand old house has continued to serve it’s country well since the war and it became a special school for the deaf and blind before it was sold by the local Council and redeveloped into the magnificent hotel it is today. Did I mention the welcome? John and his team provide the most fantastic wedding service and I was bowled over by the hospitality. I am heading back there in a few weeks and I can’t wait! This was also my first wedding under the control of an official toastmaster and what a brilliant experience it was. Hats off to the wonderful Maurice King – toastmaster to the stars. Maurice takes control for the whole day and I have never seen anyone organise the big group photograph so efficiently! Future brides take note – I want Maurice at your wedding!

All of this only confirms that Jenny and Phil had an absolutely brilliant wedding day. The sun shone, the temperature nudged towards summer levels, and the bride and groom had the most magical day to remember.  Jenny and Phil met as 16 year olds at the church youth fellowship meeting and have been together for a long time. Officially it was day 3083 of their relationship but Jenny’s mum Jacquie apparently announced way back on day 2 or 3 that the young couple were destined to marry – Phil therefore refers to this as an arranged marriage! I also discovered there have been 2008 episodes of Neighbours broadcast since Jenny and Phil got together and that Jenny is reputed to be taller than 1.2m. All of these remarkable facts came courtesy of the best men, Chris and Nick, who presented a most unusual but very entertaining quiz on the life of the happy couple. “First prize is a holiday to Hawaii” they said! Aye right and I think the winning table should be asking for a steward’s enquiry into why they are not currently winging their way to the Pacific! Usher Danny was then presented with a bouquet of flowers for his help in arranging the stag – check out Danny’s brilliant reaction below!

Jenny and Phil are like two peas in a pod – they are made for each other. They both come from great families and it was such a pleasure to be asked to play a part in their special day. I had already photographed Jenny’s big brother Andrew’s wedding and I will look forward to the calls from Jamie or Romy sometime soon! Grateful thanks go to John, Maurice and the team at the Carnbooth for their kindness and hospitality. A huge vote of thanks to Jacquie and Alan for making me feel so welcome. To Liz and Tom, Diane, Romy, Charis, Chris, Nick, Daniel, Martin and wee Emma, a special thanks for doing everything so well and for looking so handsome and pretty. To Jenny and Phil I wish you health and happiness for ever. It really was such a pleasure and here are a few reminders of a truly perfect day……
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