Theresa and Gordon – Strathaven Golf Club

I have known Gordon for many years. We play golf together – or we try! We tried again on Saturday morning and despite a few promising moments we ended up with the same old dreadful scores. Both of us have been so busy this past year with so few opportunities to meet up for a game. And there lies the problem – to be good at the game of golf you need to practice – a lot. Raw talent isn’t enough for the majority of hackers on Saturday mornings. Without plenty of practice we never seem to get perfect. But there may have been an alternative reason for the poor play on Saturday morning – Gordon’s mind was on more important matters. “What could possibly be more important than golf?” I here you say! Gordon was due back to the golf course later that day for another important date – his marriage to Theresa! Their wedding was a first for Strathaven Golf Club – the first full ceremony held in the club. Both sets of families and friends gathered for an intimate clubhouse ceremony before the party started in the restaurant next door. Katie and I had a great day and watched as the Strathaven Balloon Festival created some spectacular overhead scenes throughout the evening. As the wine flowed and the night flew in, I took Gordon and Theresa away for some photos to a place he was unfamiliar with – the first fairway!  If we keep practicing Gordon you might find it again someday soon!  Special thanks to both sets of families and friends for being so co-operative and to Alison, Chris and the team for looking after us so well. The day became a perfect day when I heard Theresa telling Gordon that he really should play more golf.  What a great start to married life eh? Good luck to the two of you, have a fantastic life together and here are a few favourites from your special day………

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Flying High with

Flying High with

The guys from travel the country with their all action brand of stunt riding. They refer to it as “bonkers” riding and I couldn’t agree more. Absolutely bonkers – but some of the most spectacular stunts you will ever see on a bike. I had the pleasure of watching them a couple of times this summer and they offer the best photo-ops going. If you get a chance to see them make sure you take a camera then you might catch some of this………

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