Jennifer and David at the Sherbrooke Castle Hotel!

Come and join me over the next months in a bright and colourful journey through the Scottish countryside and some of the country’s finest hotels and I will share my favourite photos as happy couples make the ultimate commitment to each other and celebrate their marriage with family and friends. I couldn’t have asked for a better start to 2014!

Last March brought an extended winter, heavy snow and the demise of many a spring tulip and daffodil. Nothing escaped the most severe winter in memory. Pity the poor animals awakening from hibernation thinking the alarm was set just a tad too early! So this March we deserved a little bit better but instead of the cold and crisp days of last year we’ve had windy and wet, wet and windy, windy and wet! Enough to ruin the most well set wedding hairstyle!

Last weekend was much the same – at one point we had four seasons in one hour! So the weather played a major part again and made my first wedding of 2014 a bit more challenging than I would have liked but what we lacked in fine weather we more than made up for it with the warmest ever welcome at one of the most joyous weddings we’ve had the pleasure to attend. Jennifer married David at the Sherbrooke Castle in Glasgow and they had a fantastic day! They laughed and joked the whole day through and they loved every minute of it! And so did their guests! They even managed to venture outside for a big group photo before the promise of a fine malt or a warm cuppa brought everyone back inside. It was a spectacular wedding! Brilliant colours and joyous smiles make for a photographer’s delight and Jennifer and David had gone to great lengths to ensure everything was perfect. They didn’t half succeed! It’s my job to notice all of the little touches and I try to capture as many as I can and add colour and detail to my view of the proceedings but there were just so many from these two. Special mention must go to Thistle Flowers for some of the finest and most intimate floral craftsmanship I’ve seen at a wedding. Truly beautiful! It was also my first trip to the Sherbrooke for a few years and what a wonderful experience it was – exceptional care and attention to detail from all staff.

Katie and I would like to pass on our thanks to everyone involved, to Angela and David (nee Alan!), Melanie, Isobel and Mitchell, Graeme, Peter and all of the guests and the staff and management of the Sherbrooke Hotel – you brought some much needed sunshine into the start of my wedding year. To the gorgeous Jen and Davie – thank you for being such a wonderful couple and I hope you have a long and happy marriage. I can’t say it any better than your guests Ruth and David – “What a fabulous day and what a gorgeous bride and groom”. Here are a few early reminders of a truly wonderful day……….


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