If at first you don’t succeed………

Keep snapping. I only need one perfect picture. Sometimes I think “that’s the one” but then I look a little closer and it’s not quite right. Then for a fleeting moment it’s there and it’s gone. Did you get it? Can you recreate it if you didn’t get it? Maybe not. Fortunately I think I clicked at the perfect moment with the one in the middle! Do you agree? Loving my Nikon D800 for portraits.



Isn’t She Still Lovely?

Jessica delights in telling everyone she is now three years old. She is the most polite little lady and she ends just about every sentence with a please or thank you. It makes her even more delightful. Next time I will ask her if she will please smile for my camera – and I will thank her when she does!




Emma – Aged 363 Days!

Emma recently celebrated her first birthday and I got a chance to show the world what a gorgeous baby girl she is! Takes after her Mum and Dad I think!

I had the pleasure of photographing Andrew and Diane’s wedding a few years back and, ever since she was born, I was hoping to get the chance to photograph their little darling! She really is something special! Looking forward to the next time already!

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Violet at Four Weeks!

This gorgeous little person was born just four weeks before I met her for these photos. She is just perfect if not a little tired and not quite ready to follow posing instructions!! She is incredibly clever of course – I asked her the question ladies never like to answer, “how old are you Violet”. Can you spot the picture where she answered? I’m looking forward to seeing her again sometime very soon.

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Isn’t she lovely – 2

With 36 megapixels at my disposal, my Nikon  D800 sometimes captures just a little too much detail, but when it’s capturing someone as pretty as my favourite little person, Jessica, it really proves worthwhile. Here she is looking just as lovely as ever!


Aaron’s Birthday Wishes

Three year old Aaron is a handsome wee cheeky chappie. His mum is celebrating a special birthday and Dad asked me to help send her a special birthday message. So Aaron donned his finest new suit and smiled for the camera.  Happy birthday Tracey – have a wonderful day!

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