Karon and Peter – The Loch Lomond Arms Hotel, Luss

Karon and Peter – The Loch Lomond Arms Hotel, Luss

I was back again on the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond on a beautiful spring day for the spectacular wedding of an old friend and neighbour Peter to Karon. This time I returned to the Loch Lomond Arms, a wonderfully tasteful boutique hotel set atop the main street in the village of Luss. It was sensational! A beautiful ceremony in the hotel marquee was followed by a day of celebration and laughter in the gardens of the hotel.  After the ceremony we walked down to Luss Pier to catch a few photos with Ben Lomond as the backdrop – you won’t find many better or more photogenic locations in Scotland. The village attracts tourists from all over the globe and on a day like Karon and Peter’s wedding day, when the sun shone brightly, the tourists were out in force to wish the happy couple lots of good wishes. Karon and Peter were beaming as they walked through the town and everyone stopped to offer their congratulations.

The guest list also looked like a global gathering with family and friends travelling from far flung places like South Africa and Dubai for the celebrations. And boy did they celebrate! When the first dance from the magnificent Nightfly kicked in we got a taste of the out and out party that was to follow – a brilliant rendition of Pharrell’s “Happy” brought the whole bridal party bouncing on to the dance floor and it never stopped!

Karon was a picture of happiness all day and she loved every minute of it. She looked fabulous and glamorous in her dress from the wonderful team at Ederra Bridal Studio in Blantyre.

The Loch Lomond Arms was the subject of a recent multi million pound refurbishment and it looks good in its new clothes. I was here just after it opened and you get the sense that it’s now firmly established as one of Scotland’s finest wedding venues. Val and her team could not have been more helpful – they really look after every fine detail and many thanks for finding me some ladders!.

My very best wishes go to Peter and Karon and the three kids, Amy, Lewis, and Laura. You all looked beautiful and handsome and I hope you enjoyed the day as much as everyone else. I hope you will all continue to be blessed with good luck and an ability to pick a winner!  It was an emotional day for everyone involved and it was to your great credit that you included your past with your future – it was lovely to see some very special old faces, especially those who travelled the longest distance. Of course there were some things better left in the past – I am still recovering from Neil’s Athens story! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to play a small part at your wedding. Well done to everyone involved for making it such a memorable day but special thanks go to Amy, Laura, Lewis, Neil, Murray and Neil for your help, patience and understanding. Extra special thanks to Peter and Karon – you were fantastic! Here are a few reminders of your perfect day by yon bonnie banks and by yon bonnie braes…………


Karon and Peter

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Lynn and David – The Cruin Loch Lomond

Lynn and David – The Cruin Loch Lomond

It was a welcome return to Loch Lomond for the spectacular wedding of Lynn and David at The Cruin. Nestling amongst a forest of gorgeous pines and old oak trees, The Cruin sits just a few hundred yards past the Cameron House and the Duck Bay Marina on one of the finest wedding stretches anywhere. Well known as a restaurant with an outlook to die for,  The Cruin is transformed at this time of year into an exclusive wedding venue and you will look long and hard to find a friendlier or more beautiful place to get married. The gardens lead down to a private floating jetty and a photographer’s delight. When the sun shines like it did for Lynn and David you get the added bonus of celebrating your marriage on the patio overlooking one of Scotland’s greatest landscapes. It was stunning! By the time darkness fell the Cruin became a fairytale venue with all of the trees bedecked in fairy lights and the glamour had moved indoors for the party – just as the heavens opened. Ach well we were in Scotland after all!

Lynn and David met in a well known but slightly less glamorous Hamilton nightclub and was I glad to see how their tastes had developed and matured over the years! From the Jimmy Choo shoes to the beautiful old Beaufort from Gold Choice Cars, everything was just perfect. It was a fantastic day amidst the splendour of Scotland’s national park. Did I mention the views?  Wow, what a wedding! It was as romantic as they come but then David has a wonderful soft romantic side, as his new father in law explained later. Lynn has been a huge Harry Potter fan for years and for the ultimate marriage proposal David embedded the engagement ring deep into a copy of the Half Blood Prince book – alongside the Unbreakable Vow! What a charmer!

Good luck Lynn and David and may your life continue to be blessed with the kind of happiness we all shared at your wedding. It was an emotional day for everyone involved and I hope you will remember it as the best day of your lives. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to play a small part at your wedding. Well done to everyone involved for making it such a memorable day but special thanks go to Dougie and Wilma, Glynis, David, Anne, Craig, Graham, Stephen and little Craig for your help, patience and understanding. Extra special thanks to the glamorous and beautiful Gemma, Natalie, Georgie and Poppy – you were fantastic! David and Lynn I hope you have a fabulous honeymoon and here are a few reminders of a perfect day on the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond….

Lynn and David

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Gillian and David – Strathaven Hotel

Gerry Wilson Photography

I was back again at one of my favourite venues, the Strathaven Hotel, for the wedding of the very lovely Gillian and David. I always seem to have a wonderful time at this hotel – must be the warmth and professionalism of Sheila and Malcolm who run the hotel so superbly! I have photographed just about every nook and cranny of the hotel in the past but this time I found a new location – the driveway! It was perfect for a late evening shoot with the sun setting out west and, after dinner, Gillian and David joined Mari and I for a few photos. The results were every bit as good as I hoped – I was well chuffed!

Gillian and David had a wonderful wedding and celebrated with friends and family from all over the globe. Gillian had spent eight years working in Worcester and many of her friends and colleagues made…

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Nicola and Jonathan – Hilton Dunkeld House Hotel

I was fortunate to return to the Hilton Dunkeld House Hotel for the wonderful wedding of Nicola and Jonathan – two genuine soul mates, lovebirds, and best friends. It was a fantastic day amidst the splendour of one of Scotland’s finest and most elegant venues. Set in the glorious Perthshire countryside on the banks of the River Tay, few places in Scotland can match the hotel’s magnificence especially when the weather gods play ball and the day is bathed in glorious autumn sunshine. It was spectacular.

We had just kissed goodbye to the hype of Scotland’s referendum when a truly international cast gathered to celebrate Nicky and Jon’s marriage – and what an advert it was for all things Scottish. Aussie guests in kilts, the sound of the bagpipes swirling in the pure Perthshire air, the River Tay calmly meandering through the hotel gardens, and everyone enjoying the finest of Scots hospitality with just a dram or two to calm the nerves before the speeches. It hardly felt like work!

Jon and Nicky both work for the same company in the thrust of the New York financial sector. Jon hails from the Sunshine Coast in Australia and Nicky is a local Perthshire lass but they met and found romance in the “Big Apple”, many thousands of miles from their childhood homes. They share a love of travelling and brought with them friends and relatives from far flung places across the world to help celebrate their marriage. And it is to those far flung places that they return as they embark on another journey towards a new life back in Australia. They will be sadly missed by Nicky’s family here in Scotland but no doubt warmly welcomed by Jon’s family over in Oz. I liked hearing that Nicky will continue to work for her New York employer from her home in Australia – technology has helped make the world a smaller place and I’m sure Pauline and the girls will take advantage of Facetime and Skype to make sure everyone keeps in touch.

Good luck Nicky and Jon and may your life continue to be blessed with the kind of happiness you brought to your wedding. Enjoy your travels and your new life and thank you for giving me the opportunity to play a small part at your wedding. Well done to everyone involved for making it such a memorable day but special thanks go to Liz and Steve, Adam, Alex, Peter and Alison, Ross, Charlie and Tommy for your help, patience and understanding. Extra special thanks to the glamorous and beautiful Amy, Claire, Beth, Iona and Pauline – you were fantastic! Here are a few reminders of a perfect day….

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The Wimbledon Gentlemen’s Final – My Front Row View

The Wimbledon Gentlemen’s Final – My Front Row View

It will go down as one of the all-time great finals. A five set gladiatorial thriller between two of the best players ever to grace the game of tennis. When Novak Djokovic met Roger Federer for the 2014 Gentlemen’s Singles title at the All England Lawn Tennis Club on Sunday, I was there. I was there in a front row seat for the greatest sporting day of my life. I was a few feet from the net and watched, mesmerised, as the final was played out on what can only be described as the greatest, most breath-taking, 3D HD experience known to man – real life!

I’ve not had much time to gather my thoughts and filter my photographs so I may add to this initial batch over the coming days but here are a few of my favourites that tell the story of an incredible afternoon. And yes, my man won!

Seonaid and Alasdair – Strathaven Rankin Church and Lochside House Hotel

Seonaid and Alasdair got married in a beautiful and touching ceremony in the Rankin Church in Strathaven. It was a very special day, superbly well organised, and an absolute delight to photograph. This time even the bride warned the weatherman beforehand to be on his best behaviour and when a school teacher gives you a warning you had better take notice! “Wind to a minimum and absolutely NO rain under any circumstances. Got that?” she wrote on her Facebook page the night before. The Weatherman listened intently and paid attention to most of those instructions. No doubt hearing that Seonaid’s dad was a Head Teacher and the threat of that walk of shame and a wee seat outside the Head Teacher’s office seemed to do the trick. Of course I know from past experiences that Mr Weatherman has a wicked streak. He didn’t quite follow the first bit of Seonaid’s instructions and he huffed and he puffed with a light chilly breeze all afternoon. I’m sure the Lochside House hotel’s fine range of malt whiskies found favour with one or two guests after the big group photo outside!

Of course there were many more warm and loving photographs captured throughout this day and it was so evident that these two were just made for each other. Everything about the day was special but the 1936 Rolls Royce was a particular favourite of mine. It was spectacular! Then again so was the Lochside House hotel – a beautiful venue in Ayrshire with the most wonderfully attentive staff. Well done to all.

I would like to thank everyone for being so patient and generous with your time. Special thanks to Catherine and Ian, Morven and John, Ailidh and Andrew, David, Chris, Norman and James for all your hard work – guys it paid off big time! To Seonaid and Alasdair, I know you will have the most fantastic life together, and I hope it will forever be full of the joy and happiness I saw in you both on Thursday. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to play a small part in your special day and here are a few of my favourite photographs to remind you how special it really was………

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Jennifer and David at the Sherbrooke Castle Hotel!

Come and join me over the next months in a bright and colourful journey through the Scottish countryside and some of the country’s finest hotels and I will share my favourite photos as happy couples make the ultimate commitment to each other and celebrate their marriage with family and friends. I couldn’t have asked for a better start to 2014!

Last March brought an extended winter, heavy snow and the demise of many a spring tulip and daffodil. Nothing escaped the most severe winter in memory. Pity the poor animals awakening from hibernation thinking the alarm was set just a tad too early! So this March we deserved a little bit better but instead of the cold and crisp days of last year we’ve had windy and wet, wet and windy, windy and wet! Enough to ruin the most well set wedding hairstyle!

Last weekend was much the same – at one point we had four seasons in one hour! So the weather played a major part again and made my first wedding of 2014 a bit more challenging than I would have liked but what we lacked in fine weather we more than made up for it with the warmest ever welcome at one of the most joyous weddings we’ve had the pleasure to attend. Jennifer married David at the Sherbrooke Castle in Glasgow and they had a fantastic day! They laughed and joked the whole day through and they loved every minute of it! And so did their guests! They even managed to venture outside for a big group photo before the promise of a fine malt or a warm cuppa brought everyone back inside. It was a spectacular wedding! Brilliant colours and joyous smiles make for a photographer’s delight and Jennifer and David had gone to great lengths to ensure everything was perfect. They didn’t half succeed! It’s my job to notice all of the little touches and I try to capture as many as I can and add colour and detail to my view of the proceedings but there were just so many from these two. Special mention must go to Thistle Flowers for some of the finest and most intimate floral craftsmanship I’ve seen at a wedding. Truly beautiful! It was also my first trip to the Sherbrooke for a few years and what a wonderful experience it was – exceptional care and attention to detail from all staff.

Katie and I would like to pass on our thanks to everyone involved, to Angela and David (nee Alan!), Melanie, Isobel and Mitchell, Graeme, Peter and all of the guests and the staff and management of the Sherbrooke Hotel – you brought some much needed sunshine into the start of my wedding year. To the gorgeous Jen and Davie – thank you for being such a wonderful couple and I hope you have a long and happy marriage. I can’t say it any better than your guests Ruth and David – “What a fabulous day and what a gorgeous bride and groom”. Here are a few early reminders of a truly wonderful day……….


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