Claire and Kirk at Chatelherault

Claire and Kirk are getting married soon in Hamilton . I eventually got to meet them last weekend after months of communicating online and after we had abandoned our previous meeting – because of our lousy spring weather! This time we picked the perfect time and we even managed to spot that rare West of Scotland creature – blue sky!

We met at Chatelherault Country Park in Lanarkshire which is the former Hunting Lodge of the Duke of Hamilton. The lodge was designed by William Adam and completed in 1734 and is now a five star visitor attraction. It is also a special events venue and a photographer’s delight.

The Duke of Hamilton also holds the French noble title of Duke of Châtellerault after it was bestowed originally in 1548, for James Hamilton, 2nd Earl of Arran, and Regent of Scotland, who arranged the marriage of Mary, Queen of Scots, to the Dauphin Francis, son of King Henry II, and who had been promised a duchy by the Treaty of Châtillon, 1548. He subsequently turned against the Queen in 1559, and his French estates and title were confiscated. However the Hamilton Chatelherault title was revived in 1864 by non other than the Emperor Napoleon III !!

The lodge buildings originally provided kennels, stables and accommodation for hunting parties returning from the woodlands to the south. Adam jokingly referred to his creation as ‘The Dogg Kennel’. Quite a kennel don’t you think? It is a special place and the gardens are just perfect for a pre-wedding shoot.

It was great to finally get to meet Claire and Kirk. They are a lovely couple and I am so looking forward to the wedding in a few weeks time and doing all I can to ensure they have a fantastic day. Here are a few of my favourites from our photo session at a truly stunning location.

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Emma – Aged 363 Days!

Emma recently celebrated her first birthday and I got a chance to show the world what a gorgeous baby girl she is! Takes after her Mum and Dad I think!

I had the pleasure of photographing Andrew and Diane’s wedding a few years back and, ever since she was born, I was hoping to get the chance to photograph their little darling! She really is something special! Looking forward to the next time already!

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Hayley and Kenneth at New Lanark

I met up with Hayley and Kenneth recently at the New Lanark World Heritage Site, the stunning and beautifully restored 18th century cotton mill village in Southern Scotland, close to the Falls of Clyde. Hayley and Kenneth are getting married in my hometown of Strathaven later this year and I can’t wait to play a small part in their big day. They are a fantastically relaxed couple and Hayley has a keen interest in all things photography so no real pressure Gerry!  Really looking forward to seeing you both again in a few months time and here are a few of my favourite photo’s from our pre-wedding shoot in one of Scotland’s great historic sites …………………

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Violet at Four Weeks!

This gorgeous little person was born just four weeks before I met her for these photos. She is just perfect if not a little tired and not quite ready to follow posing instructions!! She is incredibly clever of course – I asked her the question ladies never like to answer, “how old are you Violet”. Can you spot the picture where she answered? I’m looking forward to seeing her again sometime very soon.

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Why we work so hard……..

I have been busy on a few projects recently and ready to enjoy my Springtime but this weekend has been the dullest holiday weekend imaginable. I was blown off the golf course on Saturday and the weather just didn’t give in. So I thought I would post a few of my favourite pics from my holidays in 2012 as a reminder of the pot of gold that awaits at the end of the rainbow. All the extra effort seems worthwhile when you feel the warmth of the sun on your back and the chill of a long cold glass of something special to take the stresses away.  Looking forward to heading back to Sandos San Blas with the family soon. Isn’t this why we all work so hard?