The 2013 British Grand Prix – Silverstone

For the final leg of my prolonged birthday celebrations my son and I spent a long weekend at Silverstone for the 2013 F1 British Grand Prix. It was brilliant – 27 degree sunshine and a packed weekend of activities. The race is only a part of the weekend at Silverstone, a whole series of events take place and it’s like a massive festival with 294,000 visitors over the three days. Really worth going just to savour the noise – it’s incredible! Of course the camera came along for the ride and here are a few favourites. Red Arrows were brilliant as were the mad, mental, stunt riders from The marshalls opened the gates to the circuit at the end of the race and we managed to collect a few rubber souvenirs. Amazing weekend and can’t wait until next year!

All images copyright (c) Gerry Wilson 2013. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited


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