Chris and Katie – St Ninian’s Church Stonehouse & The Strathaven Hotel

Chris and Katie – St Ninian’s Church Stonehouse & The Strathaven Hotel

Chris, Katie and Joshua live in an adorable house overlooking a beautiful part of the Lanarkshire countryside. I know it is a happy house full of joy and laughter and love. I know it because I got to see it with my own eyes. We met for the first time a few weeks before the wedding for a photo-shoot in a local park and I was immediately taken by how calm and relaxed they all were as a family. I got to know them even more over the course of the wedding, complete with brothers and sisters and mums and dads and cousins and aunts and uncles and friends – it was all such a pleasure. Guests travelled from distant continents to help celebrate Chris and Katie’s big day and boy did they know how to celebrate! It was a spectacular wedding and I loved every minute. From the wonderfully warm welcome of the Rev Paul Grant and his elders at St Ninian’s Church in Stonehouse to the very familiar resplendence of the Strathaven Hotel, Katie and Chris could not have asked for a more perfect day . It was typical for 2015 that, despite the generally poor summer, the weather decided to play ball whenever my cameras appeared. I don’t think I’ve seen such consistently good weather for weddings in Scotland prior to 2015 and Katie and Chris were married on another beautiful late summers day. It all bodes well for the remaining 2015 weddings over the coming weeks.

I can’t quite believe Katie when she says nothing was properly planned for her wedding and it all seemed to fall into place without major organising! It was perfect! All of the little extras adorning the tables suggested a great deal of thought had gone into providing the most beautiful wedding imaginable.  Perhaps she just has a knack for perfection and some very good contacts! Of course I’m sure Chris helped plan it all out too! He is a fitness and martial arts expert who runs his own school of Taekwondo. His skills were honed over many years alongside his best friend and best man Bobby. They both grew up in the same street, gained their black belts together and they’ve been best friends since their time began. Bobby and his wife flew in from Toronto for the big day and I could sense this meant the world to them both. Bobby’s best man speech was as well planned and as well executed as Katie’s beautiful table decorations! It was brilliant and 100% original!

Sheila and Malcom hosted as I’ve come to expect from the Strathaven Hotel, it was the usual masterful display from my favourite wedding venue and with professionals of the quality of Angela Mills and Davie Stark on hand to look after the makeup and bagpipes respectively, it was no surprise the day went like clockwork.  It was a special day for Katie, Chris and Joshua. All of your hard work paid off and thank you for giving me the opportunity to play my small part in your special day. Here are a few memories for you to treasure of a day of joy and laughter and love………

Chris and Katie
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