Charlotte and Russell – Ross Priory, Loch Lomond, April 2012

The perfect day. Charlotte and Russell wed in a beautiful outdoor ceremony at Ross Priory on the banks of Loch Lomond. It was a wonderful celebration of the marriage of two handsome and joyful people, made all the more special when the same joy was evident in every single guest. Ross Priory is such a picturesque venue and they couldn’t have picked a more fitting setting. The day went off without a hitch (almost!) and we managed to capture some lovely photographs before the skies eventually delivered a thunderous downpour. Fortunately, by then the camera gear was already tucked away in my car and the evening celebrations were well under way with the bride and groom displaying a perfectly choreographed turn of foot on the dancefloor!  Have a wonderful life you two, thanks for being such good sports, and thanks to all of your guests for their patience and kind hospitality.

Here are a few early reminders of your special day.

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Isn’t She Lovely?

Very occasionally, we find a picture we really like. Sometimes we capture a personality, the essence of  that person, so well that we know it will end up hanging on a wall for many years to come. Other times we don’t quite nail it and something’s just not right and we know it will never see the light of day. The secret, of course, is to only show the perfect portraits then everyone thinks your standards are exceptionally high. But I suppose we can never get it right for everyone. I can look at a portrait and think, “perfect!”, but my subject might have a slightly different view of how they look. When we all agree it really is perfect it makes it all so much easier! Here’s one of my few where we all agreed!

Charlotte & Russell – Pre Wedding Shoot

Charlotte & Russell are getting married. I had the good fortune to meet them recently and take a few pre-wedding snaps at their magnificent wedding venue – Ross Priory on the banks of Loch Lomond. It is a breathtaking setting and I can’t wait to get the chance to meet them again and help capture some magical memories of their big day. Here are a few of my favourites from our recent session:

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