Glenn and Carolann – The Crowwood House Hotel

Glenn and Carolann – The Crowwood House Hotel

I’ve known Glenn’s mum and dad for many years and it was a real pleasure to be asked to contribute to my second Thomas family wedding. I first met Glenn and Carolann at the wedding of Glenn’s brother Gareth to Diana a few years back. It was one of my early weddings but what a laugh we had back then with lots of fun and laughter throughout the day. It didn’t take much to get me to sign up for the second Thomas family instalment. Glenn and Carolann are two wonderful people. Along with children Lucy and Christopher they make a really beautiful family and I suppose they get that first and foremost from their parents. I know Lynne and Graham are salt of the earth people who have instilled great values in their family. It was my first  meeting with Joe and Ann, Carolann’s mum and dad, but anyone capable of non-stop scenes of joy and laughter is someone to savour in my book – check out the abundance of joy in my photograph of Carolann walking down the aisle with her dad. Or what about her dance with her dad later on? It was magical!

Glenn and Carolann had a very personal wedding with their two kids playing very important roles. Young Christopher was a picture of concentration as he expertly carried the rings down the aisle and flower girl Lucie-Lyn lay a beautiful path of rose petals for Carolann’s walk up the aisle. There followed a  delightful and touching ceremony which included the ancient Scots tradition of “Handfasting” and a brilliant wee romantic and unexpected moment when the bride’s garter came unstuck and Glenn came to the rescue.

Just prior to dinner we had the speeches and Carolann’s dad Joe spoke warmly of the two hard working families although his very serious point about hard work and graft brought one of the funniest put downs I’ve heard at a wedding! Unfortunately I don’t think there is any benefit in repeating it……yet! Steven was Glenn’s best man and he gave a masterful best man’s speech. I might not be able to repeat any of it here but he had an endless range of tales to tell about Glenn and had everyone laughing for at least half and hour – the chefs must have been struggling to keep the food warm! But it was the kind of day where everything led to laughter and that is very often the secret ingredient in the very best weddings. We loved it and had a great time photographing two beautiful people and their families and friends.

Carolann and Glenn I hope the adventure continues in Greece and you have as good a time abroad as you so obviously had at the wedding. You two looked stunning on your wedding day and I wish you all the very best in the future. Many thanks to Lynne and Graham for the opportunity and congratulations Lynne on your masterpiece – the cake looked delicious, did you keep me a bit? To the Thomas and Bell families, the beautiful bridesmaids, the Carroll boys, and all of the guests, thanks for being so kind to me and for being so photogenic! Here are a few reminders of a perfect day for you both………

Glenn and Carolann

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