Carol and George – The Carnbooth House Hotel

It seems the sun always shines on the Carnbooth House Hotel ! The last time I was here it was a glorious day and it was no different for Carol and George. Every wedding should be like this! The bluebells were out in force in the Carnbooth gardens and Carol’s colour choice was just the perfect match for the surroundings. Everything was beautifully co-ordinated for one of the most intimate weddings I have had the pleasure to attend. Carol and George were married in the drawing room in front of a very small family group. I got to chat with all of them over the course of the afternoon and what a lovely time they had.

Carol and George have known each other for many years. They worked together and were employed in the same team but romance blossomed a couple of years ago when Carol moved to another team in another office and George realised he couldn’t be without her. Zoë Lyons conducted a very personal and moving ceremony which included a few lovely stories about the happy couple. They each expressed the many things they love about each other and I found out that George is even prepared to use the Debenhams EK car park just because it suits Carol’s shopping habits – true love indeed!

Carol and George had an absolutely brilliant wedding day. The sun shone, and the springtime colours and blossoms made it all the more spectacular and it was such a pleasure to be asked to play a part in their special day. Grateful thanks go to John and the team at the Carnbooth for their kindness and hospitality. A special mention to all of the guests but in particular to Tom, Fiona and Iain, thanks for your help and your patience. To Carol and George I wish you all the luck in the world and every good wish for a long and happy marriage. Here are a few reminders of a truly perfect day……

Carol and George
Carol and George
Carol and George
Carol and George
Carol and George
Carol and George



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