Andy and Angela – The Strathaven Hotel

Saturday the 11th April and all of Scotland and the waiting world were desperate to see the images from Andy’s wedding. Well here they are folks, the official photographs. You see the very handsome Andy married the very beautiful Angela at one of my favourite venues, the Strathaven Hotel. It was purely a coincidence that somewhere else in Scotland, at exactly the same time, an almost as handsome couple called Andy and Kim were also tying the knot. What fun I had with that on Facebook on Saturday morning! I wonder if the other wedding was as spectacular, as laid back or as warm/cold/freezing/wet/dry  as this one! It was a wonderful day with lots of little original touches but we had at least four seasons of weather in one day! The sun didn’t know where to go as it battled against hailstones, winds and rain. I was delighted, for the most part, that the sun won that battle hands down!

The Strathaven Hotel is a special venue for me. I got married here myself and I always seem to have a wonderful time at this hotel – must be the warmth and professionalism of Sheila and Malcolm who run the hotel so superbly! It was looking especially elegant as Angela decorated the place with the most stunning floral display and a range of personal little decorative touches. She also designed my favourite wedding cake ever! A truly beautiful and original design and how that cake lasted so long without someone being tempted to dive in is a mystery. I certainly was tempted!

Angela and Andy had a wonderful wedding and friends travelled from afar to celebrate with them. Guests from the north and east coasts of Scotland had a brilliant time but commented on how cold it was in Strathaven! It really must have been freezing for the highlanders to mention it! The weather danced a merry dance as hailstones the size of golf balls rained down at one point and brilliant sunshine splashed across the gardens the next. Of course it was all glorious sunshine with Angela and Andy. Angela works at a Veterinary Practice and her Dad, William,  told a few stories about her love of animals. He also told and acted out a wonderful story of the night Angela was born – it was a brilliant speech, very poignant at times but he had all of the guests in fits of laughter. Take a bow William – it was very special.

Andy is an engineer with a great love of cars and a great love for his two best men, Neil and Craig. Neil told an unforgettable story about Andy “borrowing” his dad’s new BMW. Dad Jim held his head in his hands as he learned how his prized possession covered so many unexpected miles from new! Apparently this was a drop in the ocean compared to the tales Craig could have told!

The whole day was such a fun occasion filled with laughter and glorious colours. Angela comes from an amazing family of six beautiful girls. Her four eldest sisters were bridesmaids and they were all stunning in their matching outfits. They were joined by younger sister Lucy and 21 month old Emma Rose as flower girls and they were both gorgeous!

I hope Angela and Andy  are off on the perfect honeymoon. You had the perfect wedding!  You both have great friends and family and my thanks go out to each and every one of them for their patience and co-operation. Special thanks go to Jacqueline, Dawn, Lindsay, Olivia, Lucy, Emma, William, Lesley, Neil, Craig, Peter, Jim, and Rose – you all contributed so much to making sure this was a perfect day for Andy and Angela. Thanks again to Angela and Andy and Emma.  I heard and witnessed so much from your friends and family that I know you have wonderful days ahead of you. Enjoy every day and I trust your marriage will be blessed with everything good in life. I have no idea how the other Andy’s photos ended up but here are a few reminders of a truly perfect day at the Strathaven Hotel ……
Andy And Angela

Andy And Angela
Andy And Angela
Andy And Angela
Andy And Angela
Andy And Angela
Andy And Angela
Andy And Angela


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