Ed and Nicola – Glasgow University Engagement

Where does the time go? My recent hectic schedule has limited my chances to create many blog entries. I have lots to catch up on but I was so impressed by the location for last week’s photo-shoot that I had to get this posted. Ed works at Glasgow University and he invited me along during the holidays to take photographs for a pre-wedding shoot with his fiancé Nicola. I hadn’t realised we would be in such a grand location and I was bowled over by the surroundings – the Grade A listed Gilbert Scott building is the second largest neo-gothic building in the UK and is second only to the Houses of Parliament! It is a majestic location and Ed arranged for a visit at a time when the place was deserted – we literally had the whole building to ourselves. My hour long shoot ended up taking two hours. Sorry it took so long Ed and Nicola but I think the results were worth the effort! I’m really looking forward to your wedding later this year. Happy New Year everyone!

Ed and NicolaEd and Nicola
Ed and Nicola


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