Hayley and Kenny – Strathaven Hotel

Hayley and Kenny got married! It was inevitable. As surely as the sun will rise tomorrow and set tomorrow evening these two were so obviously destined to spend their lives together.  They were joined by family and friends for a wonderful wedding at the Strathaven Hotel in Lanarkshire on a typically Scottish autumnal day. Typical because we needed the brollies to start with and Kenny had to endure a quick unexpected shower while I grabbed a few photos of him in the gardens beforehand. Sorry Kenny! My rain dancing must have paid off because it stopped raining just as Hayley arrived. Phew!

The Strathaven Hotel was once again kitted out in all its finery and it delivered big time. Sheila and Malcolm have a habit of making sure everything is perfect on the day and everything runs like clockwork. It’s a fantastic wedding venue and one I got to know well when I got married there just a few short years ago (Ahem!).

My day started with a trip to Hayley’s mum and dad’s home in Coltness in Wishaw, a home built on “Love and Dreams” it said on the wall. Surely not so tranquil on the morning of the wedding with the bride, three bridesmaids, mother of the bride, and two aunts all getting ready? They had a hairdresser and makeup artist on hand to make them look perfect and I fired away with my camera. It was remarkable how quiet, calm, and peaceful it was. Nothing but laughter and pleasantries – a place of love and dreams right enough.

From Wishaw it was back to the Strathaven Hotel and a beautiful and intimate ceremony in the west lounge. It was conducted by the very elegant Marbeth Boyle. She has a gift for words and her very personal approach was a highlight of the day. You made a wise choice Hayley and Kenny.

Afterwards we had the usual time set aside for the photos and my first task was to organise a big group shot with all of the guests out on the lawn. Now this can often be the most difficult photo to organise but we managed to round everyone up quickly and I took the picture from an upstairs room looking down on all the guests. With the shot in the bag, everyone dispersed just as I realised my camera had malfunctioned. I had to round everyone up again and retake the picture with another camera! Sure enough I got my just desserts from a couple of comedians at the back! It was all great banter and thanks to everyone for your patience!

The rest of the day was one almighty party. Great food, lots of laughter, and a perfect start to the evening entertainment with the bride and groom leading a charge to the dancefloor for “The Time Warp”! It was spectacular.

Katie and I would like to thank everyone involved for being such good sports. Special thanks to Leigh, Louise, Rhea, Steven, Chris, Craig, both sets of parents and to Hayley and Kenny for giving me the opportunity to be part of your special day. We had a great time and I wish you every happiness in your new life together. Here are a few of my favourite photos from your day……







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