Bobby and Katie – Torrance Hotel East Kilbride

Bobby Inglis and Katie McCall picked a very special day to get married. It was specifically chosen to coincide with the wedding anniversary of Katie’s Grandmother and Grandfather Morton. They wed on the same date, 29th July, many decades previously and both had such a strong influence on Katie’s life. Sadly neither could be with Katie and Bobby on their special day but Bobby and Katie paid the ultimate tribute to Mr & Mrs Morton and not only ensured their wedding fell on the same date when they married in front of friends and family at the Torrance Hotel in East Kilbride, they also decided to change their surname and became Mr Bobby and Mrs Katie Morton.

I had the pleasure of photographing Bobby and Katie’s wedding and, despite the demise of our long hot summer days and the return of the rain, we managed to capture some great memories inside the hotel. Thanks to my Katie for her assistance and to Douglas (I Do Videoart) and Fawn for being so co-operative, A special thanks to Katie and Bobby’s friends and family for their patience and understanding, especially both sets of parents, Katie’s sister Lorna, her brother Alan jnr, and wee Molly – it’s always such a pleasure when you make us feel so welcome. Here are a few of my favourites………..

All images copyright (c) Gerry Wilson 2013. Unauthorised reproduction prohibited.

Katie & Bobby Morton - Torrance Hotel EK

Katie & Bobby Morton – Torrance Hotel EK



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