Emma and Brian Tied the Knot! – Parkhead Congregational Church and The Glenbervie House Hotel

It seems like an age since I first met Brian and Emma. Brian had just popped the question and I was invited to show off my albums and samples at Emma’s house. The whole family were there to join in and I could tell wedding fever was upon them. Nearly two years later and I was back in the same house, getting the pics of the dress, shoes, flowers and the family. They all looked sensational but none more than the bride to be! Emma’s wedding had finally arrived! Stewart joked later about the madness in the house that morning. Must have been long gone by the time I arrived because all I saw and heard was happiness – despite the weather! I often find myself mentioning  the weather this year. Our cousins in Canberra and the Gold Coast think we’re all obsessed by weather – is it any wonder when you get a summer like Scotland did in 2012? Dreich!

Nonetheless it was off to Parkhead Congregational Church to meet Brian and all the guests and for the service conducted by the Reverand Jack Graham. I’ve listened to many priests, pastors and preachers over the years but Jack’s way was as uplifting and as inspirational as they come.  When we spoke earlier in the week he suggested I use the pulpit to get the best pics of Emma and her dad coming up the aisle. I could imagine a few horrified visitors as I took the first stairs up to the pulpit but it worked beautifully and I got my favourite pictures of the day from Jack’s pulpit! Thanks for being so kind Jack.

We all then headed off to the sumptuous Glenbervie House Hotel near Falkirk for the wedding reception. The rain tried once again to spoil the opportunity but we managed to sneak a few nice pics in the grounds before it poured again. Emma and Brian were so relaxed all day and made my job all the easier by just being themselves and very well organised. They’d done their homework and knew the best spots indoors. On another day we would have loved to have had more time together to get a few more pics outside but we grabbed a few more inside amongst the grandeur of the hotel. Thanks to both families and all the guests for your patience and support. Special thanks to Sophie, Poppy,  Lucas, and Joshua for looking so good and to Emma and Brian, I wish you a wonderful life together and here are a few early reminders of a perfect start to your married life……….


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