Alasdair and Seonaid Engagement Shoot – Strathaven Castle

Alasdair and Seonaid just got engaged to be married and they are as happy as happy could be. I couldn’t get them to stop smiling! Over the years love will show in so many ways  but at this stage in a relationship you see it first in the glint of an eye and the warmth of a smile. I saw it in every photo of these two. I also saw it in “new” surroundings – in and around the ancient walls of Strathaven Castle and the Town Mill. I have lived in Strathaven for many, many years and only ever glanced at the castle from afar, normally as we drove past en route down the A71. I had no idea it was hiding such beautiful grounds! Seonaid grew up in the shadows of the castle and it holds a special place in her heart. I can tell from the glint in her eye and the warmth of her smile, that Alasdair probably occupies the remaining space in her heart – and vice versa! It was lovely to meet you both and see you so relaxed in each other’s company. Capture what you have, bottle it,  keep it going for your lifetime, and it will keep you together forever. I can’t wait to see it again on your wedding day!


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