Derek and Laura – Hamilton Town House, August 2012

No more whispers – the sun really did shine brightly for Laura and Derek! What a treat to photograph a wedding in nice weather. I’d almost forgotten what’s it’s like to shoot without the threat of rain. But this time around all I had to moan about was the heat in that registry office! Phew!

This has been the most challenging of summers (can we really call it a summer?) but when the sun shines in Scotland it makes days like these much less complicated and so much more enjoyable!

Laura and Derek met a long time ago when they were both whipper snappers! They met in college and love has blossomed in the years that followed. It was such a treat to get to meet them recently and photograph their wedding. Katie and I had a laugh throughout the day and loved all of the finer details (well done Tricia!) but I especially liked that big Rolls Royce and Gordon’s father of the bride speech – just wish I had recorded it for future use!

Thanks to you both for being such good sports and here’s to a long and happy life together. A few reminders of your special day to set you on your way…………


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