Geraldine and Stewart – East Church, Strathaven, May 2012

Geraldine and Stewart know how to throw a party! What a wedding! They married in the beautiful East Church in Strathaven and even the horrible weather couldn’t dampen their spirits. The heavy rain didn’t stop all day but I don’t think I have ever photographed such an excited bride! It was almost impossible to get her to stop smiling!

I was also a guest at the wedding so the day was  a little different for me – I got to let my hair down alongside everyone else!  Family and friends shared in the fun at Rissons restaurant before many more joined a huge party at Strathaven Golf Club until the wee small hours. Some of you might not remember how good a night you had – believe me you had a belter! You danced, you sang (brilliantly Calum!), and you made sure Geraldine and Stewart had the most memorable day imaginable! Well done to everyone for putting on such a show, the food, the music, the atmosphere all contributed to a day to remember.

Good luck to you both for a long and happy life together and sincere thanks to both families for putting up with me throughout the day. Here are a few early reminders of what made it so special.


2 thoughts on “Geraldine and Stewart – East Church, Strathaven, May 2012

  1. Hello from fabulous Las Vegas! Gerry the photos are so wonderful! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We absolutely love them and can’t wait to catch up properly and see the rest on our return. G&S Xx

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