Welcome to my New Blog!

Well I finally decided to give this blogging lark a try. My aim is not to pontificate or tell you what’s wrong with the world. I won’t use this blog to comment on politics, sport, or celebrity. – it’s much simpler than that. I want to show off my photographs. I want to show you a bride and groom as they start their journey of discovery with all of the excitement and joy you can expect from true love. From the moment they pop the question until the aftermath of their formal wedding celebrations, I hope to publish photographs of their big day and demonstrate the joy, the fun, the laughter, and excitement only a wedding celebration can deliver. If I get it right you will see it in their eyes. If I don’t you won’t see the evidence here!! Along the way I hope to show off wedding family and friends and the significant part they play in this wonderful celebration but my primary focus will always be on the happy couple.

Of course I won’t stop with bride and groom photos and I hope to show off my portraiture and event photography skills. I will link them all back to my website at www.gmwphoto.co.uk and I hope all of my clients, both past and future, get to feel as special, and look as special, as they deserve to be. I make a point of trying to see the best in everyone and through this blog and the publication of some of my favorite photographs I  hope I get the chance to show you the best in people too.

I thought I would start with a wonderful young couple, Kathryn and Mishari. We met up in Glasgow a few days ago and had great fun trying to capture a little of their romance amidst the preparations for their big day later this year. They were the most relaxed couple ever and they met at Glasgow Uni some years back – they just had to look at each other for the magic to shine through. Can’t wait for the big day and here are a few of my favorites from our session.

Kathryn and Mishari got engaged!

Kathryn and Mishari got engaged!

Kathryn and Mishari got engaged!

Kathryn and Mishari got engaged!


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